"Hapa Haoli is the ONLY brand of cosmetic bags we carry and offer at our spa." ~Jessica Timberlake, Spa Gaucin Supervisor

"Great product and great service. We appreciate all that you do.
Our customers love your beautiful bags and enjoy seeing
the new designs as they become available.
We look forward to representing your line for many years to come.

Thank you so much,

~Michaelle Sides, Owner, Madison Michaelle's
Flower Hill Mall, Del Mar, CA


~Annslie Bigbee, Madison, Del Mar Store Manager  7/24/06

Our #1 Selling Holiday Gift Item

~Taylor, Madison, Del Mar Store Assistant Manager  11/4/06

In one day, two women came in to buy 8 pieces each

~Linda, Sales, The Westgate, San Diego  11/4/06

~Jordan Allen, Owner of SHINE, Austin, Texas

Hapa Haoli--also at The Phoenician's Center Of Well Being Spa

"I love my Hapa Haoli clutch bag sooooooo much!  I am taking it to show my sister
now and other friend who is owner of store!  Please send me the Antique white color for bigger happiness."

~Kumiko Komi
Gunma-ken, Japan

"I use my bags all the time for everything.  One is for my make-up, one is a day purse, one is a feminine product case, one is for my tanning stuff!  How fun!
~Shauna Oakland, SSgt, USAF
Alamogordo, New Mexico

"Thank you for making my gift giving easy this year.  When you have more products, 
making choices will be my only problem."
~Brian Bonnel
Tucson, Arizona

"The celadon colored make-up bag is so exquisite, it may pass for an evening bag."
~Geraldine Ko
Honolulu, Hawaii

"The products are so unique and easy for our guests to pack as gifts that they sell faster
than anything we've ever carried at The Gift Shop."

~Jacoi Mann Woolley, Interior Designer for The Westgate Hotel
San Diego, CA

Hapa Haoli at The Westgate, San Diego

Hapa Haoli at "The Boutique" in another Mobil 5 star AAA Hotel

From a discussion board of "It's All In The Bag"

From the discussion board of Quintessential Singapore