Hapa Haoli Show Dates

California Market Center           *March 15-20, 2009
Rande Cohen Showroom
110 East 9 th Street, Suite B513

Los Angeles, CA
PH: (213) 489-304
FAX: (213) 682-0477
Email: randecohen@msn.com

Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market          *January 6-14, 2009
Americas Mart, Bldg. #2
230 Spring Street, Suite 1736
Atlanta, GA 30303
PH: (800) 453-0394
 FAX: (404) 524-9880

Columbus Marketplace Show          *January 16-20, 2009
Columbus Marketplace
1999 Westbelt Drive, Suite 326
Columbus, OH 43228
PH: (740) 454-8239
Toll Free: (800) 922-4438
FAX: (740) 454-4429
Toll Free FAX: (800) 922-4439

Minneapolis Gift Show          *January 23-27, 2009
Minneapolis Gift Mart
10301 Bren Road West, Suite Red 228
Minnetonka, MN 55343
PH: (952) 932-7200
Toll Free: (800) 626-1298
(FAX) (952) 932-0847


Solutions for Special Occasions and Businesses

Hapa Haoli now offers a wide range of professional services, from custom design to implementation, manufacturing and delivery of gift ideas to suit your occasion. Your time is best devoted to your core business or the many other details of your party planning. Contact us for a free consultation on how we can assist you with personalized theme designs in fabric and embroidery patterns to create similar products from our existing line. 

Specially manufactured for your business, charity function, wedding, birthday, shower party or Christmas gift list, a minimum order is required, and lead time is based on the extent and details of your needs.  

We will create a product for you all in keeping with Hapa Haoli's standards and will deliver within a reasonable and acceptable time frame from the day of your written consent or approval of final product.  Hapa Haoli reserves the right to decline specific requests that veer away from its expected image and proper representation. 

Special pricing is offered accordingly and dependent on quantity.  Hapa Haoli stands behind each product and will endorse and support their chosen charities with special discounts. 

Exclusive and legal rights to a special design can be arranged for a fee.  Otherwise, it is underdstood that Hapa Haoli owns all copyrights to the manufacturing, distribution and sale of each design it creates and uses from the date a client's order is placed, disqualifying the use of registered trademarks other than that of Hapa Haoli's.   

Below is a form to jumpstart your inquiries with.  A prompt reply from us will follow in order.

Designed as Gifts for The Honolulu Contemporary Art Museum's Pucci-esque themed Charity Event
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