Picture the exotic values of Asia with the romantic flair of Europe or the wilderness of Africa with American botanica.

Styled by fusion, its resulting character is what we call


uniquely defined and experienced above the norm.

We began three years ago with four designs applied to pure silk, to create our first line of cosmetic bags.  Today, we are proud to present seasonal updates of the same products taken to new heights in functionality and design, as well as other new products in new shapes and sizes.

Keeping in mind the likes of our fast increasing number of loyal customers from a wide demographic, we have incorporated colors and style designs to complement present and upcoming fashion trends.  Not forgoing our efforts in adding to the intrinsic value given to construction and aesthetics,  our brand continues to adhere to its promise of quality and fine taste while maintaining affordability.

As Hapa Haoli literally means half-white in the feminine approach “haoli” as opposed to “haole”, our products  are designed in the modern lifestyle approach to serve the daily routines of women.  By combining design elements from east and western cultures using the finest materials, we have taken the essential make-up bag to a whole new level, with most of them offering dual function as a day or evening bag.
With our continuing growth, we are also currently preparing other exciting products that will be recognized by the same definitive style that sets us apart from the rest.   For our story is about delivering beyond the expected or the norm while remaining functional.

Along with our quintessential 5-petal flower emblem symbolizing "the fifth and highest element in ancient history as what permeates all nature”, you will find us in the company of those who appreciate quality, art and individuality.  With our value offer, our products make us extremely  popular in the many wonderful occasions of gift giving besides the occasion of whim indulging.

By our mark, we stand unique and confident in the combination of influences that make us who we are.  There is just no one quite like us.  And introspectively, it is also as all women should feel, subsequently reminded of this truth when they reach  for the essentials made especially for them by Hapa Haoli.

Thank you for visiting with us and we invite you to continue sharing in our unique experience of beauty.

Louvette Hammond Fowler
President/Creative Director
Hapa Haoli, USA

The Carrie Couture Miniature Handbag with Amethyst Bracelet Handle is "red carpet" worthy
*Every woman should celebrate
their authenticity
down to the simplest of things that
they need and use everyday

The Meglian Cosmetic Bag in Lilac
Specifics on Hapa Haoli Products:

Now specializing in dressing table, boudoir, spa and small evening accessories, the brand offers a wide range of over 200 varying designs and colors.

Updates are offered each season in themes or named collections, such as the Resort Couture Collection and The Animalia Collection with designs that service apparel and fashion retailers, gift shops and spa outlets of mid to high end association.

Price Points are highly competitive despite its use of fine quality parts and packaging
Detailed Examples:
Item: “Holiday Red Damask” Cosmetic Bag
Item#: DC-R (Red)
Size: Medium (5 x 7.25 inches)
# of SKU: 4
Fabric: 100% imported Silk Taffeta
Embroidery Pattern: Original “Eurasian Damask”
Design Values:
1.    elegantly embroidered in a rich intricate pattern rendered with over 100,000 stitches. 
2.    red color popularly identified with the holiday occasions of Christmas & Valentine’s for gift giving
3.    embroidery stitching made of top quality rayon threads
4.    piping made of biased cut 100% same silk taffeta fabric
5.    wadding weight and thickness offers reliable and more than sufficient cushioning for its function
6.    zipper parts assembled and supplied by top YKK brand
7.    lining made of stain resistant and washable nylon fabric resembling silk in texture and weight
8.    pull tab of original signature design is individually crafted and rhodium gold plated
9.    packing comes with individual silica gel and plastic wrapping for added protection
10.  gift packaging offered with “branded” white boxes of heavy stock with metallic gold printing.  Matching ribbons, also available in white satin with gold printing.

Item: Natural Python
Item #: NPC-B (Black)
Size: Medium (5 x 7.5 inches)
# of SKU: 7
Fabric: 100% Imported Silk Taffeta
Embroidery Pattern:  Python skin Design Values:
1.    intricate embroidery done in three stages for natural rendering of scales to emulate natural python skin with the use of three colors of top quality rayon threads.
2.    offered in 7 fabric colors to complement fashion in its seasonal changes.
3.    wadding weight and thickness offers reliable and more than sufficient cushioning for its function
4.    zipper parts assembled and supplied by top YKK brand
5.    lining made of stain resistant and washable nylon fabric resembling silk in texture and weight
6.    pull tab of original signature design
7.    packing comes with individual silica gel and plastic wrapping for added protection
8.    unusual and unique, specialized embroidery and labor intensive processes add to the artful value of the product.

*Products are styled in categories with price points appealing to several demographics for whim indulging or gift giving occasions

*Packaging: Assembled gift boxes are available
*Quality control is ensured by company staff who administer its product manufacturing and is present during all of its packing stages

*Overall value offers unique benefits of dual or multi functionality
 Hapa Haoli cosmetic bags are often used as handbags or purses by its owners because of its unusual beauty, design and quality—a feature not usually equaled by other cosmetic bag manufacturers

*Product line also complements the sale of other in-store items such as jewelry, lingerie, other handbags, cosmetics and skincare, contributing to higher revenues

*Promotional discounts can be offered and considered with quantity buying

*Product range include cosmetic bags in mini, small, medium, large and extra-large sizes, shoulder bags, clutches, coin purses, jewelry wallets and pouches as well as evening bags

*HAPA HAOLI is available only in exclusive mid to high-end marketplaces

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